SLS continues to recover from loss of building
"Each day we're a little bit more back to normal," said Capuchin John Holly, record and president of St. Lawrence Seminary High School in Mount Calvary.
Holly was referring to the aftermath of the Saturday, March 8 destruction of St. Joseph Hall.
Now more than a month after that early morning fire which destroyed the oldest building on campus, staff members continue to put the pieces back together one by one, all the while thankful that nobody was killed or injured in the fire.
"The schedule remains the same; events are not cancelled," Holly said. "Some of the things and books are not in the right spaces, but we're taking one step at a time."
Some staff members said the recovery after the fire has been more like "leaps and bounds" as the community has pulled together to provide minimal disruption for students. Still others reflect on their thoughts in the minutes, hours, days and weeks after realizing the large building was on fire.

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