Hamh Gahng
Hamh Gahng
Hamh Gahng, son of Tae-joong and Won-shim, has joined the postulancy program of the Capuchin Franciscan friars.
Hamh is a Mount Calvary St. Lawrence Seminary High School 2013 graduate.
"I was attending college in Chicago and was questioning if I was following the right path," Hahm said. "I began to visit weekly the Capuchin friary on Chicago's south side. The friars there were welcoming. I see that God has made a path for me. Each step has been pointing me to the Capuchins. I felt blessed and supported."
Hamh is providing ministry to the House of Peace, a Capuchin central city social services center, assisting Milwaukee's working poor and chronically poor. He will also be providing service to a Capuchin central city parish.

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