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  • Involvement in artistic and cultural activities “enriches our experiences, expands our sensibilities, and enhances our understanding,” according to Vassar’s Institute for Innovation in Social Policy (IISP).
  • Mark Sherry’s use of the word “bubbler” in his most recent article reminded me that words and terms are often regional or generational.
  • We writers are a superstitious lot.
    We’re not concerned with avoiding black cats, sidewalk cracks, or stepladders, unless they fit into a story somewhere. Our unique superstitions involve the writing itself—the actual craft. We know that writing is more than any talent we possess. But that, along with a love of language and a curious nature, certainly help. The rest is a kind of magic that comes and goes at its own whim.
  • Serving on the School Board was an emotional rollercoaster.
  • May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and here in Wisconsin, we all need to become much more vigilant about this disease.
  • Lower gas prices paid at the pump over the past half year or so have not been good for Wall Street, but they have been good for the American consumer.
  • Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon, are usually unpredictable, can cause devastating destruction, and can produce massive tsunamis.
    Billionaire businessman Donald Trump, like many of his fellow citizens, was acutely aware of the burgeoning economic stagnation, Constitutional disruption, neglect of rule of law, terrorist disregard, and loss of American dominance in our foreign relations.
  • Now that the new growing season has actually begun, many property owners will notice that dandelions will be among the first plants springing up in their lawns this month.
  • There are lots of un-met needs in our community.
  • The school board election is over and in May we launch a new beginning.  We congratulate our newest member, Randall Bonde, and our returning incumbent, Dan Dietrich. Congratulations and welcome to the Kiel Area School District School Board!
  • Wisconsin has a jobs crisis.

  • Last week in this space readers read about how Wisconsinites continue to flock to get concealed carry permits yet the state has not turned into the wild West scene that some people predicted a few years ago.
  • Analytics are big these days in business, sports and politics.
    When it comes to auto care, the numbers tell a very revealing story as 80 percent of vehicles inspected at community car care events last year required service, a new part and/or repair.
  • When asked to envision learning in schools, many individuals visualize rows of desks filled with well-groomed children of similar ethnicity.
    An energetic teacher is at the front of the class explaining a lesson and responding to questions of those that have raised their hands. Any disruptive student is out of the classroom allowing all to learn in a pleasant environment. This once classic picture of an average classroom is no longer realistic for most public K-12 classrooms.
  • At first, I only wanted to a) make phone calls, and b) check my e-mails more easily than I could with previous cell phones. I had absolutely no interest in any other apps, or the phone’s other built-in features. I’m not actually sure which things are apps and which are features—maybe it doesn’t matter. I was also concerned that I might accidently download an app that would turn out to be expensive, so I was very cautious. As time has passed, however, I’ve decided that as long as I don’t have to enter credit card information, I’d be willing to consider an app. Since I’m still discovering the free stuff, why would I want to spend any money on apps, anyway?
  • A few weeks ago a milestone of sorts was reached.
    On March 24, the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Criminal Information Bureau’s (CIB) Firearms Unit issued the 300,000th concealed carry permit since the program’s inception in 2011.
  • Having a good fit between yourself and your bicycle is important for ensuring comfort and stability when you ride, whether it’s just cycling to the market to pick up some milk or cycling to the next state.
  • In this election year we have seen and heard controversies, and innuendos made, and criticisms voiced, and misconceptions abound.
    Too bad I’m not referring to the national presidential primary elections, but rather the very essence happening right here in our own community with our recent school board election. In fact one could say that there was dirty politics involved in this election which 99 percent of the citizenry don’t know about or were unaware of. I consider myself a very honest person but very gullible at times and trust worthy of other people’s comments.
  • Breaking news: “Wisconsin legislators pass a bill requiring private and parochial schools accepting voucher payments to abide by open records and open meetings laws.”
  • Sooner or later warmer weather will arrive and stay for a while, and with it pet owners will be more inclined to take their dogs out for walks.
    In addition to their dog, a collar, and a leash, required equipment for everyone who walks their dog must be something to clean up after them in case they have an accident.

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