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  • “Invincible”
    A clarification to the “Bits and Pieces” by Vern Rolbiecki is in order.
  • If a person without health insurance runs up a massive hospital bill, who pays for that?
  • As the Executive Director of the Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Appleton, Wisconsin.
  • “Unnecessary noise, then, is the most cruel absence of care which can be inflicted either on sick or well.”
  • To all you members of my fan club who have been asking me for more updates.
  • As I and the rest of my high school classmates who graduated from Kiel High School in l961 approach our 55th class reunion, it is interesting that two of our former teachers make the news.
  • In 1997, William J. Clinton founded the Clinton Foundation to secure funds for the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.
    Through 2014, the Foundation had raised $2 billion from Wall Street corporations, foreign governments, political donors, and other moneyed interests. With this capital, the Foundation expanded and began its humanitarian intentions to help serve worldwide problems. In 2013, Hillary and Chelsea were added to the Foundation, and the name was changed to The Clinton Family Foundation.
  • I hope that you enjoyed the Independence Day weekend, and all that the holiday celebrates in terms of our national heritage.
    Undoubtedly, many Americans took the time to visit national monuments in the past couple of weeks, such as the Statue of Liberty or the Washington Monument. Millions of people flock annually to see these treasures of our storied past.
  • Farmers and ranchers,
    It’s that time of year again. The Farm Service Agency’s (FSA) 2016 county committee elections begin soon.
  • Recent Sheboygan Press headline reads: “Sales tax goes forward despite pushback.”
  • I got an answer why the Meeme playground equipment was given to School Hill at the June 1 School Board meeting.
  • The Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee (recently) released new protocols to rebuff the advance of the invasive fishes on the Great Lakes.
  • You may have to be over 50 to answer my question.
  • I write this letter to inform people of an issue I encountered when becoming a patient of the podiatrist hired through Calumet Medical Center (Affinity) in Chilton.
  • This writing is in support of Mark Sherry’s viewpoint article on May 12, concerning the recent complaints brought by The Freedom from Religion Foundation against a group of Christian parents providing a free bag lunch accompanied by a five minute message about Jesus taking place at a city park adjacent to Middleton High School during that school’s lunch period.
  • This letter/message is intended for a thief, and the general public whose assistance I seek.
  • My letter to the editor concerns Mark Sherry’s Viewpoint article on May 12, 2016 concerning the recent complaints brought by the Freedom From Religion Foundation against a group of Christian parents providing a free bag lunch accompanied by a five-minute message about Jesus taking place at a city park adjacent to Middleton High School during that school’s lunch period.
  • Two weeks ago, the federal Department of Education (ED) and Department of Justice (DOJ) issued guidance containing example policies regarding who is allowed to use changing facilities in schools that accept federal aid.
  • The New Holstein Police Department is an active member of the Calumet County REACH program (Reducing Excessive Alcohol Consumption for Health).
  • Before you go camping, fire up the grill or leave the house to fish or golf, think for a second. Why aren’t you at work today?
  • To open­—let me state that I believe most readers of this newspaper are God’s people, either as descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Jacob, meaning to a large extent, Europeans (according to scholars of Bible history) or as according to Jesus Christ, if you are just simply a believer.
  • Too many people from all walks of life are needlessly killed and injured in traffic crashes because they were not wearing safety belts.
  • In the Fond du Lac Reporter, the article on April 13, 2016, our county health officer, Kim Mueller, stated, “There isn’t any conclusive evidence that the (wind) turbines cause human health problems.”
  • The Kiel School District Board of Education has been quite an interesting read.
  • Fond du Lac Public Health Officer Kim Mueller is correct that for the last three years she has been stating that there is no evidence wind turbines cause health issues.
  • If you have been out and about at local businesses you may have noticed the red crepe paper poppies attached to a container for donations and maybe wondered what these are for.
  • It comes but once a year and National Nursing Home Week is upon us.
  • I am writing in regard to the tragedy on prom night at Antigo High School.
  • The November presidential election is vitally important, but the election, of equal significance, is the competition for the Senate seat of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.
  • Democrats are constantly on the warpath against the recently enacted Wisconsin Voter ID law.
  • In 1962, the Kiel High football team had a safety, he wasn’t a big guy, but no matter who came at him he did his best to stop him.
  • Serving on the School Board was an emotional rollercoaster.
  • Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon, are usually unpredictable, can cause devastating destruction, and can produce massive tsunamis.
    Billionaire businessman Donald Trump, like many of his fellow citizens, was acutely aware of the burgeoning economic stagnation, Constitutional disruption, neglect of rule of law, terrorist disregard, and loss of American dominance in our foreign relations.
  • Now that the new growing season has actually begun, many property owners will notice that dandelions will be among the first plants springing up in their lawns this month.
  • There are lots of un-met needs in our community.
  • Analytics are big these days in business, sports and politics.
    When it comes to auto care, the numbers tell a very revealing story as 80 percent of vehicles inspected at community car care events last year required service, a new part and/or repair.
  • In this election year we have seen and heard controversies, and innuendos made, and criticisms voiced, and misconceptions abound.
    Too bad I’m not referring to the national presidential primary elections, but rather the very essence happening right here in our own community with our recent school board election. In fact one could say that there was dirty politics involved in this election which 99 percent of the citizenry don’t know about or were unaware of. I consider myself a very honest person but very gullible at times and trust worthy of other people’s comments.
  • In response to all the people that have the impression Ted Cruz is eligible for the presidency of this great country, did you miss civics class in school?
    To become president you have to be 35 years old or older, a natural born citizen (born in this country or one of its territories with representation in Congress to parents of legal residence), and lived (here) at least the last 14 years if you lived abroad after you were born here.
  • To the editor:
    My name is Dan Dietrich and I am the current Kiel Area School Board president seeking re-election in the upcoming school board election.
    I have served the community as a school board member for the past 15 years. In my tenure on the board I have contributed to many district initiatives that have further advanced our reputation as a quality school district. I am dedicated to the education of all children with the purpose of preparing them for work, school, and career. I will ensure our facilities are updated and safe while maintaining comprehensive programming. I will do this by setting priorities and staying within the budgetary limitations facing the Kiel Area School District.
  • To the editor:
    You know we have a problem when the district administrator brings in a consultant to evaluate the School Board.
    I was told before the last election the board didn’t want Chuck Hartman elected, so I was not surprised that problems arose. The voting has gone 5-2, and now 4-3 with Janelle Liermann’s election. There seems to be no compromise.
    Prior boards had hired a pool consultant to evaluate the current pool. He never stated we needed a new pool, he suggested the board hire a structural engineer. It never happened, because the board didn’t want to spend more money, they wanted a referendum for a new pool. We voted it down and now are getting the pool fixed for under $200,000.
  • To the editor:
    My name is Brian Murphy, a parent of four children in the Kiel Area School District (KASD).
    I grew up in Idaho and moved to Kiel in 2002 when I married my wife. I am very involved in my children’s activities. I help coach soccer, baseball, and basketball. I serve on my church’s parish council board. Recently, I started attending meetings of the Parental Advisory Committee (PAC). Through all this service I have met many great members of the community. I truly think there is no better place to live and raise a family than Kiel.
  • We are in spring campaign season again and the news media are doing their routine character assassination to Justice Rebecca Bradley.
    It seems that anytime a woman or black person, who is perceived not to be a progressive/liberal, attempts to gain an important government position, the vicious attacks rise to a level beyond the normal. Indeed, the news distorters go out of their way to ignore the qualifications and background of candidates they oppose and use their position not to provide information but for personal attacks. Unfortunately, there are many who cannot or will not distinguish between the ruthless assault going on against Justice Bradley and the truth.
  • To the editor:
    This letter is urging a no vote on the ballot referendum for the Chilton School District on April 5.
    The district wants taxpayers to provide an additional $5.2 million over the next three years, over and above the revenue spending limit specified by Wisconsin state law. As stated in the referendum, the specific reason for this spending request is “for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing educational programming.”
  • I am writing a letter of recommendation for (Kiel) School Board candidate Dan Karls.
    I met Dan 54 years ago when we were incoming freshmen at Kiel in 1962. My friendship with Dan and my admiration for the kind of person he is remains ongoing and continues to grow.
  • To the editor:
    A couple weeks ago, Dr. Louise Blankenheim wrote about, in this paper, a group called the Parental Advisory Committee (PAC). As mentioned, we are a group of parents with children enrolled in the Kiel Area School District. We were not hand-picked to be on this group. We are parents who already do dozens of other things for our children, yet feel strongly about participating in their educational lives. What is really special about this group is that we are all different. We come from different backgrounds. Some of us grew up in Kiel, while some grew up far away. Some of us have kids in Zielanis, some in the Middle School, some in the high school, and some have kids spread throughout all the schools. We are men and women. Some of us are educators ourselves, some are stay-at-home parents, and others work for local businesses. Most important, we have different opinions. We treasure these differences, which can be seen in the feedback we’ve been fortunate to provide in areas such as buildings & grounds, technology, and the mission of KASD.
  • To the editor:
    I have been thinking about writing a “Cheers” for some time but I have let time slip by.
    I felt that this might be a good time to compile a smorgasbord of topics.
  • To the readers,
    The Wisconsin Primary is April 5, 2016.
    We the taxpayer ask the candidates to cut through the rhetoric regarding our future Social Security and Medicare status. Pie charts relate the largest expense of the national budget to be Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. One surmises that action needs to be taken on these issues; however, what action? I have not heard any definite plan of what this action would be from the candidates seeking the presidential nomination. What is their plan to preserve the security of a population who no longer is part of the working world?
  • To the Kiel Area School District community and readers:
    The Kiel Area School District Board of Education strongly supports the use of the district’s phone notification system by District Administrator Dr. Louise Blankenheim for the purpose of communication, including the primary election of candidates running for the School Board.
  • To the editor,
    As the community of Kiel is preparing to vote for new School Board members, I hope the parents, grandparents, relatives, neighbors, and friends of all the children in the Kiel School system have the opportunity to look at the candidates available and see which candidates have the belief that improving the education of our children is the number-one priority on their agenda.
  • Up like a rocket—down like a feather.
    You know what I’m talking about. The petroleum industry would like you to believe that price increase is due to changing over to summer blend.
  • I must express my disappointment regarding the response to my concern submitted to the Tri-County News.
    First and foremost, my statement in the “Cheers & Jeers” simply expressed disappointment over an “egregious” or “outstandingly bad” misuse of the Kiel Area School system emergency phone system, aka “Alert Now.” An allegation suggests “illegal activity without proof,” simply not representative of my statement or intention!
  • 2016, I believe, will be a defining year in our history as a country.
    We have many choices and opportunities that have never been available before in history that complements our present and past.
    Our political landscape is changing dramatically before our eyes. Dare I say that each of us will have the opportunity to make a difference by the actions or inactions we choose. There is a known fact that it takes 12 positive experiences/voices/people to change the negative. That positivity changes the world we live in daily. We are kind, generous, and knowledgeable people who should be able to share our opinions respectably without tearing others down.
  • In reference to the article on page 13 of the Feb. 18 edition of the Tri-County News, “Zielanis recognized as High Progress.”
  • A reply to Mr. Harlee Suttner,
    Mr. Suttner, I would like to start this letter out by saying that I respect your opinion and your letters, but I only wish you would respect others, and not only those with the same viewpoints as you.
  • The legacy of Barack Hussein Obama has received considerable attention for the past several months.
    The American people have rejected some of his policies because his policies are contrary to the American philosophy of liberty and freedom.
    Citizens have concluded that the Obama legacy must die. This massive, socialist government with all its political correctness, taxes, regulations, and executive orders must be removed from its suffocating blanket of influence over the American people.
  • In response to the Jan. 7, 2016 Tri-County News article and editorial regarding the sale of Badger Creek Golf Course, I feel it is appropriate to quell all the rumors that have been going around town. As the late Paul Harvey said in his radio broadcasts, “And now...the rest of the story.”
    As you may or may not know, a passion of mine over the last several years was to help improve one of the amenities in this area, Badger Creek Golf Course. One of the ways I was involved at Badger Creek was in the formation of the Badger Creek Men’s Club (BCMC) in 2002. The BCMC’s motto is: “Organized to promote good fellowship and golf at Badger Creek Golf Course.”
  • I feel the need to set the record straight on Dennis Gasper’s statement, and I quote, “In Wisconsin we avoided the spectacle of a Bankrupt Pension System through Governor Walker’s Act 10 reforms.”
  • Over the last few weeks, we have been taking a number of phone calls from our patients and community members asking whether our Fox Valley Hematology and Oncology (FVHO) clinic at Calumet Medical Center will remain open.
  • Talk about a great community effort in a small, rural word comes to mind, “Wow!”
    As a committee member, race volunteer and a runner myself for nearly 40 years, what a sight greeted my eyes as I marshaled at my usual two- and five-mile split on Calumet Avenue. Never in all my years of volunteering have I had the pleasure and privilege to see quite so many runners and walkers.
  • One of the best-run private volunteer organizations in the local area and probably well beyond is the Kiel Area Basketball Association (KABA).
    With strong leadership, lots of adult and high school basketball player volunteers, and a heavy reliance on online communication, KABA hosts several weekends of tournament and northeast Wisconsin boys and girls league basketball games for elementary and middle school students every winter on up to six courts at the local schools.
  • So many interesting articles in the Jan. 7 edition of the Tri-County News.
    Mark Sherry is always an interesting read and Mikes Mathes’ view on the Green Bay Packers echoed the mind-set of the probably close to 100 percent of their fans. Reader John Goswitz of Manitowoc hit the nail on the head many times and probably unintended and unknowingly supported things that I’ve bee trumpeting for years with a bit of Charles Hartman intellect thrown along in. Then the interesting article by Jeff Goeldi and his disenchantment with my view on Muslims. I tend to give people 100 points, and let them take those points away. If a line in the sand were to be drawn I think I know where Jeff’s alliance would lie. None the less, I’m sure he means well, so his thoughts are welcome and they open more cans of worms.
  • Condolences offered to Henrietta Blatz family.
  • The last eight political years have taken from me the profound, soul-stirring emotion that once came to me with each new year for I have learned that each of the last eight years is verily one like another.
  • I was shocked and saddened to hear of the unexpected death of Glen Riesterer—a quality person taken too soon leaving behind a beautiful family and a thankful community.
    Glen and Renae respected their daughters’ involvement in choir and theater during my time at KHS. I traveled each year with the choirs and always had total support from the Riesterer family.