For what it is worth, some people do not want to see a form of energy generation located in their backyards.

And, no, for once I’m not talking about wind turbines in Calumet County.

Clean Wisconsin, formerly known as Wisconsin Environmental Decade, has weighed in in opposition to Alliant Energy’s plan to build a 300 megawatt coal-fired power plant on the shores of the Mississippi River near Cassville.

Mark Redsten, executive director of Clean Wisconsin, said, “Instead of reducing global warming emissions, the boiler design chosen by Alliant would emit at least 10 percent more global warming pollution per unit of energy than the current facility which was built nearly 50 years ago. Clearly, this proposal is a giant step backwards.”

Clean Wisconsin says the proposed new coal-fired power plant would be inefficient, could be a source of water pollution, could negatively impact the landscape (especially Nelson Dewey State Park), and could be harmful to some wildlife (the Higgins Eye Pearly Mussel, to be exact).

Hmm, where have we heard some of those same arguments before?

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