Ice Age Trail runner finds ‘new normal’

Nic and Edwin Giebler joined Wolterning for several miles along his route in the Kiel area.

As we move beyond the summer solstice and fully into the summer months, what would you like your “new normal” to be?

Many people who I see at the office are beginning to find their new normal with their first visit to a chiropractor because they want to feel better. Getting some pain relief through chiropractic often isn’t instantaneous. After the first adjustment or two I often hear from people that they feel a little bit more sore. This is common and the way I explain it to them is that I’m kind of like a personal trainer, finding tight joints and weak muscles and exercising them. One goal that I have is to create a “new normal” of range of motion and muscle tension within certain parts of the body so that the body can move more efficiently and with more ease...and less disease.

The human body is pretty amazing and will adapt incredibly quickly to new challenges. An object in motion will stay in motion, and an object that is “stuck” will stay stuck. That’s the power of the adjustment and exercise. One perfect example of someone discovering a new normal has been going on in Wisconsin for the last several weeks.

Coree Wolterning started running the Ice Age Trail in western Wisconsin on June 1. This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with Coree as he works towards completing a “Fastest Known Time” on the Ice Age Trail. The IAT, a National Scenic Trail, meanders through Wisconsin for a total of 1,200 miles. Its western terminus is at Interstate State Park on the St. Croix River in Northwest Wisconsin. The Ice Age Trail travels east in northern Wisconsin and then turns to the south, heading through Wausau, then the Dells/Devils Lake, and around the Madison area, before heading northeast to the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest, Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest, and then northeast where it finally ends at Potawatomi State Park. Coree has averaged over 50 miles per day, battling heat, humidity, storms, mosquitos and ticks, and has seemed to get stronger by the day! He has carried a GPS tracker which allowed people to follow along online as he made his way, leading to many people joining him for some miles or providing some aid as he goes. Last Sunday, he started his day just south of Plymouth, where the Ice Age Trail crosses at STH 67, and by the middle of the day had made his way all the way to Walla Hi County Park. That’s where I, along with my son Edwin, met him and his crew, and shared a couple of miles of running. It was really exciting, and although Eddie was a bit shy at first, once we were back in the car he asked a lot of questions, one being, “When are you going to run the whole Ice Age Trail, Dad?”

Early in his run, Coree sprained an ankle while and received some care from a local chiropractor up there. I contacted him and offered any services to help keep that ankle moving, but by the time he arrived in Walla Hi he was on a mission to finish up this route, and as I write this he’s not quite done but is roughly 30 miles away from his finish line!

One thing Cory mentioned as we ran along Washington Road just east of Kiel and South of Cedar Lake was, “I don’t want to jinx this...but my body is feeling amazing. It’s like this new normal is to get up and run, and it’s strong right now!” 1,100 miles in 19 days, and he’s getting stronger. Wow!

As I mentioned it truly is amazing what your body can adapt to. Whether it’s getting some more movement in your joints via chiropractic adjustments, or running or exercising on a daily basis, your body will adapt and will perform and will rise to the occasion. So, what would you like your “new normal” to be? How—starting today or this week—can you get to a lifestyle or a pain level or an activity level you desire where life is more fulfilling and enjoyable?

And how can I help?

Yes, I thoroughly enjoy running. Sometimes I run for what seems like a really long time. But, in my defense, I have never run 1,500 miles in less than three weeks! We all have our goals and where we’d like to be. As a chiropractor I hope to help people get to those goals through healthier lifestyles, to living well, moving well, and eating well. How can I help you?

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