Congratulations to New Holstein's Ken Kohlman for being this year's recipient of the New Holstein Area Chamber of Commerce's Distinguished Person of the Year Award.

Read the feature story about Kohlman elsewhere in this week's Tri-County News and it will be evident why he is deserving of this honor.

Like many of the previous recipients, it appears Ken has difficulty saying "no" when someone asks him to do something to help the community or when he sees a cause worth helping. People who know Ken might first associate him with over 41 years of service to the New Holstein Lions Club, but his resume extends well beyond that organization.

And like most past recipients, Ken is humble about receiving this recognition, almost incredulous about why he would be singled out. He is quick to point out that any projects on which he has worked over the decades have been a team effort.

It is stated every year about this time and in this space, but it is worth repeating-there are many more people in the community who are worthy of the honor as well. The same can be said about all the communities in our area. A big part of what makes living in this area so great is the long list of people who are willing to give their time, talents and treasures to help others.

Ken Kohlman is one of those people. Congratulations are extended to him once again as he accepts the honor surrounded by family and friends this Thursday night at the Altona Supper Club.

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