Nathan Boehnlein

Nathan Boehnlein and his parents, Carol and Terrance, review his offer letter from New Holstein Utilities.

The State Youth Apprenticeship program, sponsored by the Department of Workforce Development, helps students prepare for careers while still in high school.

This program allows the students to develop the technical and specific job skills that employers are seeking. New Holstein High School, working with CESA 6 (a nonprofit, cooperative educational service agency), offers the Youth Apprenticeship program to its students.

During the 2019-’20 academic year, seven students from New Holstein High School participated in the Youth Apprenticeship program. One of those students, Nathan Boehnlein, worked with New Holstein Utilities (NHU) to learn more about the career of an electric lineworker. During the school year, Boehnlein worked more than 450 hours to become educated on the daily work of an electric lineworker. After working for over eight months for NHU he made the decision that he wanted to pursue a career as a lineworker. NHU had a lineworker retire in April, creating a staff vacancy in the Electric Department. Randy Jaeckels, NHU general manager, said the utility was impressed with Boehnlein’s potential during the youth apprenticeship for a career path as a lineworker.

On May 11, New Holstein Utilities offered Boehnlein a position as an apprentice lineworker. He started his career with NHU on June 8. Boehnlein’s family met with Doug Olig, New Holstein High School principal, and Jaeckels to discuss his experience with the Youth Apprenticeship program and review NHU’s offer letter.

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