Results of surveys regarding re-opening school this fall that were sent to Kiel Area School District staff and parents were discussed during the June 17 Board of Education meeting,

Over 40 people, including staff and parents, virtually attended the meeting to learn the results.

Surveys were sent to KASD staff and KASD parents regarding certain factors of re-opening schools this fall. The parent survey was sent to 1,400 recipients, with 640 of those surveys completed and another 120 responses were received on the open question survey. The school staff survey was sent to all KASD staff. Around 120 staff surveys were completed. Dr. Ebert, KASD administrator, said he was pleased with the responses, saying these surveys gathered the most responses of any surveys sent out by KASD. The surveys served as a base to find out what parents prefer when/if schools re-open this fall.

(Please see the June 25 issue of the Tri-County News for more on this story.)

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