Kiel Board of Education members, Kiel Area School District administrators and staff members, and parents of district students are scheduled to talk further on Wednesday, July 15 about the district reopening plan for this fall.

The Board of Education meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. A link is available for people to join the meeting virtually and may be obtained from the district office.

Administrator Dr. Brad Ebert said the current plan has “quite a bit more detail than the previous rough draft and contains a number of changes and additions based on feedback and direction from our Board of Education.”

The Board of Education is planning to discuss the plan on Wednesday evening. Similar to the board meeting on July 1—and all board meetings—a “community feedback” section of the meeting will occur. During this time, board members will listen to feedback regarding the plan and/or any other items from all stakeholders.

Generally, those who choose to speak are allotted three to five minutes. The board will not have a back-and-forth conversation with those who speak; rather, they will listen to the feedback from stakeholders and use it to help guide the decision making process.

The board will not be voting on a final draft plan until Monday, Aug. 3.

In the current draft of the plan, Dr. Ebert said, “This updated rough draft was created through the lens of what was deemed to be safe, reasonable, and doable. It is understood that not all stakeholders will agree with every part of this plan. With that said, our team did everything possible to listen to all thoughts and perspectives.”

Dr. Ebert pointed out that the document will be fluid based on the ever fluctuating situation regarding COVID-19.

The draft plan proposes three options for parents/students—return to the brick-and-mortar school setting; enroll in the eSchool options the KASD now has for kindergarten through 12th grade; or parents of students with health concerns related to COVID-19 should contact the appropriate building principal.

The proposed plan also calls for daily temperature checks of all students and others entering the buildings, with parents being called immediately if temperatures are over 100.4. Masks will be required of staff and students when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Classrooms will be set up to best meet social distancing guidelines. Middle school and high school students will report directly to classrooms in the morning instead of congregating. Release times will be staggered.

Recess will be allowed at the elementary and middle schools but with proper social distancing. There will be no field trips to start the year but they might be phased in depending on the virus situation.

Measures will be taken to spread students out and keep them safe in the respective school cafeterias, including having an open campus for juniors and seniors to allow them to eat lunch elsewhere if they wish and reduce the number of students dining in the school.

No volunteers or visitors will be allowed in the schools to start the year. The district is obtaining quotes to install plexi-glass barriers between sinks in restrooms.

Students and drivers will be encouraged to wear masks on buses.

If a confirmed COVID-19 case occurs in the district, the person will be quarantined as will all individuals who had close contact (within six feet for 15 minutes) with that person. The physical environment in which the person was will be closed off for 24 hours, then disinfected after that. These measures are being encouraged by the Manitowoc County Health Department.

Numerous other details are part of the proposed plan as well.

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