After a wait of nearly two decades, the City of Kiel may finally have a developer ready to improve the parcel of environmentally remediated land that once was the Seventh Street home to Stoelting, Inc.

At its August 25 meeting, the Council gave approval to a preliminary plan submitted by Sean Pringle to purchase the land for the purpose of constructing a storage shed complex on the parcel.

By a 5-0 margin, the Council approved the sale of the parcel to Four Pringles, LCC for the sum of $1. The sale was contingent on the final approval of a Planned Unit Development for the parcel, and the city’s ability to help correct an ownership issue involving a segment of the stub of Paine Street that extends west from Seventh Street.

Kiel City Administrator Jamie Aulik said the city took on the remediation of environmental issues on the lot with the establishment of an environmental tax incremental district back in the early 2000’s. A total of $200,000 in TIF funds were used to clean up the site.

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